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Мы рады поздравить с Новым годом администраторов проектов и игроков MMORPG ! Благодарим за то, что вы выбираете нас, и надеемся, что в следующем году наше сотрудничество станет еще более плодотворным. Желаем вам процветания и благополучия в наступающем году!  ...
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Дорогие Женщины, администрация поздравляет вас с этим прекрасным праздником, ярким весенним днём, когда мужчины просто обязаны окружить вас теплотой и заботой, подарить шикарные подарки или как минимум приготовить романтический ужин в уютной, согревающей обстановке, потешить ваше обоняние сладким ароматом цветущих тюльпанов стоящих между свечами и придающих красноватый оттенок на белую скатерть стола.  Дорогие наши женщины, помните, каждый мужчина любит вас без всяких праздников, этот день это всего лишь повод напомнить как сильно и отвлечься от суеты будней. Не переставайте вдохновлять,...
Dear Administrators, visitors! We are pleased to invite you to evaluate a new, beautiful and convenient site design "MMOVOTE.RU" We made sure that the online simple and modern technical solutions combined together. We are confident you will discover once the desired section and information. The website is very user-friendly navigation, added new sections of games, as well as a news section with the latest information about MMORPG. Join us, we are always happy to see you!...
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Dear members and administrators team mmovote team, congratulates you, Happy Easter, and wish you all the best in this holiday....
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Dear curator on behalf mmovote team wishes you a happy birthday! We respect you as a person, We honor your mind and talent. Your discovery of the new century - You get happy forfeit. You are the boss - you are our "everything"! And you all together we congratulate! Let it be our project successfully;) Wish you all the best. Your team MMOVOTE...
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Dear users and administrators of projects! Please note that from April 5, 2014 short code for sending SMS. The old rooms are no longer working, be careful....
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От лица нашего персонала поздравляем Вас с Международным женским днём! Желаем Вам счастья, крепкой любви и всего самого лучшего! Будьте женственны и прекрасны!...
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Dear partners and User have! Let the next year bring you prosperity and success will bring new brilliant ideas and help to bring them to life. Let your family is peace and understanding, and love of people close unchanged hot flames will warm any minute....
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Currently there are already Skype weak spot through which anyone anywhere can block your account in Skype and thus restore it will be impossible. In connection with the foregoing, we ask our customers who have been added to our contact list to contact us so we can add them to our new account support.mmovote We recommend all users Skype - regularly make a backup copy of the list of contacts ( Contacts - Advanced- Make a backup copy of your contact...

About the project

MMOVOTE.RU - portal which includes a rating and the announcement of the popular online game servers: World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 and Aion.

Different from other weight ratings, the main:
- We do not sell the place and voice in our rating, as they are very difficult to cheat and we constantly monitor for this.
- Payout % of SMS per server to administrators.
- Instantly receive data through the vote callback script.
- We are always ready to listen to your ideas, suggestions and implement them as soon as possible.

All servers are added to our portal, from compulsory moderation.

Our rating will help you find the perfect server for a variety of criteria, such as chronicles server rates the players score, feedback on the project and place in the ratings.

In the ranking, and the announcement involves only active resources, closed or inactive resources will be removed monthly, cleaning after resetting the votes.