Thumb premieru ekranizatsii assassin s creed perenesli na god 971373
The film is based on the popular game series Assassin's Creed will come in August 2015 According to people close to the project, filmmakers had to rewrite the script a few times and change the shooting schedule. Now the film is likely to appear on the screens in 2016. The official announcement of the film adaptation took place 2 years ago. The main role in it went to Michael Fassbender ("Prometheus", "X-Men: First Class") and Leonardo da Vinci reportedly had to...
Thumb mmorpg i onlayn igry v sovremennom mire 930389
Сегодня уже никто не спорит, сколь много пользы детворе может принести компьютер, подключенный к интернету. Разумеется, при грамотном его использовании. Ведь возможностей, которыми он напичкан, настолько много, что отпадает нужда посещать специальные кружки и секции. Зайдем, к примеру, на сайт Здесь – игры на выбор - для мальчиков и для девочек, игры по персонажам, мультики и т.д. Не нужно думать, что это станет просто проведением времени ребенком. Напротив, при правильном подходе, игры для детей помогут им развиваться во всех выбранных...
Thumb razrabotchiki skyforge rasskazali o pvp rezhime 173114
The site Skyforge published the first detailed description of PvP-mode this ambitious online games. For fans fight each other is preparing several entertainment: fighting for singles, team battle, as well as large-scale and ambitious war pantheons. Information about the last game mode, the authors have not yet disclosed, but on the first two, you can learn the details of the article.  "In Skyforge to result in PvP need to be well aware of the role and classes, to be able to...
Thumb onlayn igry dlya devochek i dlya malchikov otdohnite ot mmorpg 89675
Ведь это не секрет, что родители, занятые работой, редко уделяют детям внимание. Им некогда сходить с ребенком в театр, в кино, или какой-то кружок. Между тем, малышам нужно развиваться. Вот тут отличным подспорьем станут флеш игры! Тем более что сегодня выбор радует. Потому те, кто оценил достоинства современных технологий, с радостью пользуются ими в воспитании своих почемучек. Сайт предлагает массу самых разных детских флеш-игр, которые помогут вам воспитать в вашем ребенке ненавязчиво, играя, и память, и внимательность, и логику, и...
Thumb v hearthstone naschitali 20 millionov igrokov 49700
In the tweet card computer game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, it was reported that the project gained 20 million users worldwide. It is not reported whether it is the active users or those who have tried the game at least once since its launch. The last time on the outcome of the game Blizzard reported back in March, shortly after its launch - then the number of users reached 10 million people.  Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - a card game in...
Thumb grand theft auto 5 vyydet na pc v yanvare 79357
Developers of Grand Theft Auto 5 announced that the version of the game for the PC will be released January 27, 2015. On next-generation consoles will be the last GTA much earlier, on November 18.  In the new versions of the game fans, among other things, waiting for a new weapon, not previously encountered species of wild animals, more dense traffic on the roads and improved weather effects. In addition, the developers have expanded soundtrack, adding a virtual radio station playlists...
Thumb apple anonsirovala iphone 6 592347
Apple just announced a new generation of the most famous smartphone in the world - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Phones are different screen sizes: in the "regular" version, it is 4.7 inches (1334h750), and Plus - a record 5.5 inches (1920x1080). In this case, Apple developed a special mode for the phone one-handed operation - when it is turned all the controls will be moved to the part of the screen, to which you can comfortably reach the thumb. ...
Thumb servery destiny zapustyat v ponedelnik 778569
Online game Destiny will open its doors for the first users of tomorrow, at 16:00 Moscow time. Release of the game at the same time appointed for Tuesday, so on Monday it will get access to those who are in some way managed to get a copy of advance. For example - got on pre-order.  Destiny - fresh project creator of the cult TV series Halo. At this time the developers have decided to create a massive online game that unfolds...
Thumb otkrylas prodazha virtualnyh biletov na blizzcon 2014 205516
In Battle net started selling virtual tickets for BlizzCon 2014 convention, which will be held in Anaheim November 7 and 8. Ticket holders will have access to two private channels, which will be broadcast all the important events BlizzCon, including performances developers, exclusive interviews, a traditional contest Cosplay and closing ceremony of the convention. In addition, they would get a unique in-game items for World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.  The company intends to...

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