The War Z
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Nowadays games of survival in a post apocalyptic world, not really surprised, they are not already unusual. But the developers at Hammerpoint Interactive pleased players MMORPG-game of this genre - The War Z . Release of Closed Beta - Testing was conducted in October 2012, the Open Beta - testing in December 2012. The War Z - a game with a multiplayer mode, dedicated to the survival of people in a post apocalyptic world in which more than 90% of the...
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January 16, 2013, took out MMORPG called ArcheAge , the Korean company XLGames, made on the engine SryEngine 3. Game action will occur in a fantasy world with elements of the Middle Ages, the development of alternative and magic. The highlight of this game will be expressed in PVP mode Sea battles and piracy and PVE modes Construction of houses and construction of ships that will differentiate it from other standard MMOPRG. In the game as well as in other MMORPG...
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May 3, 2012 was the announcement of the release of MMORPG, you have been waiting for the fans of the game world The Elder Scrolls called "The Elder Scrolls Online from the company" ZeniMax Online Studios ", the engine that will make plays, became HeroEngine. The game will take place in the fictional continent called Tamriel, a thousand years before the events of the game world "The Elder Scrolls". Costavlyayuschaya PVP part will be a large-scale war on three sides in...
Over the past week, on MMOVOTE we did a lot of useful changes, many of which we have implemented for your requests and wishes: - Implemented support system, based on a system of tickets, you will see the answers in the form on the website. - Reworked system reviews: * Now you can evaluate reviews. * Now can write a review, only those who have at least one time voted for a particular server. * Server administrators can no longer delete...
I would like to tell about the changes in the portal, which happened from 12/12/12 to 12/19/12: - Implemented the account confirmation via SMS or Vkontakte, which gives the opportunity to vote with a dynamic IP address. - Added more countries for all types of SMS services. - Improved protection from cheating votes. - Now the input data (the character's name or account) are checked for uniqueness, no longer will get a promotion at one and the same account more than...
Hello dear users. Today, 12/12/12, we open the doors to our portal MMOVOTE.RU Here you can support your favorite game server Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft by a vote, and visit the section of announcements designed to quickly and easily search for a new server for every taste. Our goal is to create the largest rating and announcements servers Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft. This is to prove that we are the best! Everyone knows that in the wilds...

About the project

MMOVOTE.RU - portal which includes a rating and the announcement of the popular online game servers: World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 and Aion.

Different from other weight ratings, the main:
- We do not sell the place and voice in our rating, as they are very difficult to cheat and we constantly monitor for this.
- Payout % of SMS per server to administrators.
- Instantly receive data through the vote callback script.
- We are always ready to listen to your ideas, suggestions and implement them as soon as possible.

All servers are added to our portal, from compulsory moderation.

Our rating will help you find the perfect server for a variety of criteria, such as chronicles server rates the players score, feedback on the project and place in the ratings.

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