Thumb v archeage poyavilis novye reydovye bossy 154853
In the Russian version of ArcheAge came fresh update for content, cooking game for the installation of a large patch 1.2. In updating the developers have added a few new raid bosses. Like their colleagues, have already mastered the game, these characters will live in an open world and not in the dungeons, so players will have to make some effort to discourage competitors right defeat new enemies.  In addition, one of the continents ArcheAge, new regions, and Abyss Solar field....
Thumb v hearthstone poyavilsya naksramas 906238
In the card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has its first full PvE-mode - Naxxramas, copied from the famous caves of classic World of Warcraft. Today became available the first quarter of the dungeon, and the remaining four will be released at intervals of a week. In this first quarter is free for all, but more will have to fork - 799 rubles for the whole set (you can buy individual quarters is also available for purchase game gold).  In the...
Thumb v allodah onlayn poyavitsya arena dlya astralnyh korabley 368513
Authors "Allods Online" decided to add a special update 5.0.2 arena where players can fight on their astral ships. Arena is divided into several areas at once. On one of them everyone will be able to practice shooting at targets of different types, and the other two zones are reserved for players battle each other. And combat zone filled with anomalies, the features of which can be used to win the battle. Released updates will be announced later.  "Rage Online" -...
Thumb u counter strike mozhet poyavitsya svoy the international 903147
Given what has achieved popularity championship Dota 2 The International, Valve, may organize a similar event for professional players in Counter-Strike. According to Eric Johnson engaged in company business development, Valve employees regularly share ideas and successful, although he was not sure whether the new championship also called The International, there is no reason for which the experience gained over the work on the tournament could not be used in Counter-Strike.  Meanwhile in Seattle, approaching the final championship game that inspired...
Thumb prodazhi watch dogs prevysili 8 milionov kopiy 583149
Ubisoft reported that sales Watch Dogs exceeded 8 million copies. Such a result the game reached in less than six weeks, and according to Vgchartz project remains in the top 10 selling games. Success Watch Dogs allowed Ubisoft to get in the second fiscal quarter of 360 million euros of profit - 374% more than in the same quarter last year.  Watch Dogs action unfolds in the vast metropolis, and the protagonist - hacker named Aiden Pierce, who can hack any...
Thumb v hode chempionata po dota 2 budet organizovana translyatsiya dlya novichkov 285221
Valve has decided to organize a championship at The International Dota 2 additional broadcast leading which will speak in plain "ordinary people" language, without using the terminology of the game. That is no "carry", "Demidov", "dzhanglingov" and other words that can enter into a stupor person without special training.  In Valve explain this decision by the fact that The International attracted the attention of many people who are not really "in the subject." They do not understand the specifics of Dota...
Thumb ob yavlena tsena na xbox one v rossii 648282
Russian price for game console Xbox One will be 20,990 rubles for the version without Kinect and 27499 rubles - for the version with Kinect. Sales of both versions will begin the fifth of September.  Microsoft also announced that everyone will be able to July 15, pre-order the console in the largest retail networks. Pre-order will be taken at a special limited edition console, which will be bundled with games FIFA 15 and Forza Motorsport 5.  Source: Games Mail...
Thumb prizovoy fond chempionata po dota 2 prevysil 10 mln dollarov 726526
The prize fund of the championship at The International Dota 2 exceeded 10 million dollars. At the same time she Valve invested just $ 1.6 million, and the remainder was collected game fans who bought kompendumy - special items entitling holders bonuses in the game. In addition, for the achievement of certain amounts of the prize fund, the developers promised to add Dota 2 new pieces, like a special messenger and more music.  Valve originally hoped to collect a prize fund...
Thumb v archeage poyavilsya novyy pvp rezhim 370863
Russian localization ArcheAge players today can take part in the new PvP-mode - the battle for the Old Fortress. Here on the battlefield there are two teams of five people, and each task - to destroy the enemy akhiumny well and kill as many enemies. This PvP-mode opens at level 40.  Not forgotten, and those who prefer to battle with monsters. In the world of ArcheAge a new dangerous enemy - the red dragon Gartareyn, to defeat that require a large...

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